Simple Systems Solutions (Sim-Sys) is a small consultancy offering personalised web programming and hosting solutions to small and medium businesses. We have more than 30 years' experience in Information Technology covering database systems, tailored software solutions and web sites. The emphasis of the business is now on providing economically priced web sites as a 'one-stop' solution for those who can't afford to expend much time, effort or money in trying DIY solutions. We can offer help to exploit web solutions in the advancement and development of your business or organisations.

We can also provide consultancy and advice for those who already have web sites, but are unhappy with either the design or performance of their current setup.

In keeping with our principle of simple solutions, we use the most popular web site creation package in the world, WordPress. Designed for use by all types of user, including software developers and DIYers, WordPress has approximately 75 million sites accessible worldwide. The depth and breadth of support and enhancements is correspondingly large, and the the main benefit of WordPress is that the core software is completely free of charge. That immediately slashes the cost of writing a web site and supporting it after installation.