About WordPress

With more than 74 million sites worldwide (2018), WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, outstripping the next 4 systems put together by a considerable margin. Used by individuals as a blogging platform, and by corporate users as their core web site, there are thousands of developers and software architects developing WordPress sites and offering enhancements for the system.

Some of the most famous users : The White House, The Walt Disney Company, Mercedes Benz, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Marks and Spencer. Additionally, it's an ideal platform for smaller users and business - see our Gallery page.

WordPress is a framework upon which other functions can be built. By the use of 'plugins', it is possible to add features, such as an online shopping function, directories, image and video galleries - with nearly 40,000 plugins available there is usually a plugin for every need. However, the fact that there are so many plugins available, some free and some paid for, can lead to difficulties making choices. In our years of developing WordPress sites we have been able to evaluate the most common functions and decide on the range of plugins available - that knowledge is available to you.

One feature of WordPress is the fact that end users, with very little training, can create, amend and manage individual pages on their own sites. If you have a need to post information regularly, such as news updates, special offers, members' notices, etc. the process is relatively simple and can be done from any internet connected computer.

You can find out more information about WordPress from the authors here.