A web site is an organic thing - it's not enough to set it up and then leave it, you have to be able to update and manage it regularly. Add to that all the steps necessary to create a web site and the whole thing can be very intimidating. There is a variety of technologies involved - domain name registration, web host management, design, web site programming and ongoing maintenance. Our many years' experience in information technology means that we not only have depth and breadth of understanding, but we also have experience of a wide variety of applications.

These are the steps involved in creating and maintaining a web site. The choices and range of services available is often confusing and we try to offer the 'simple solution' so that you have the greatest understanding of your own web asset.

Register a domain name

There are over 2 billion web sites on the Internet, each of which has its own address, or domain name. The process of registering a domain name requires careful thought and planning, so we would always recommend that you take professional advice before doing it yourself.

Choose a web host

Your web site will need to be connected to the Internet, so that people can look at it. This normally involves leasing space on a web server provided by a web hosting company. There are many companies offering a wide range of services including web hosting, emails, domain registration and we will advise you on which elements are appropriate for your needs. Alternatively, our 'one stop' solution offers you a complete web site installation for a fixed price.

Create Content

Often the biggest stumbling block to the creation of a small business's web site, it's hard to sit down and write the text for the pages of your web site. Add to that the assembly of images and some basic decisions on the 'look and feel' of the site and the creation of content looms large. We can assist with all of these processes, including copy writing, photography and design. 


Having decided on your design and content, you will need to program the site, its pages and navigation in such a way that it is fast, simple to use and understand, and effective in getting your message across. Sadly, it's not as simple as creating a few documents on a word processor - web sites use a number of technologies for programming text, graphics, photographs, videos, etc. 

Upload the site

Once your web site is programmed with all its content, images and structure, it has to be 'published' on the internet. This means uploading all the content to a server, normally provided by a web hosting company. The quality and range of services provided by web hosting companies varies enormously and our long experience in the industry is extremely valuable in deciding which provider to choose for your needs.

Manage and maintain

A web site is constantly changing. New versions of the core software are issued regularly to cope with viruses and malware attacks as they are discovered. Additionally the supplementary elements of the site are subject to a continuous programme of improvement and enhancement. These changes must be applied to the web site to ensure that it is as up to date and resilient as possible.